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Donida Farm’s Centerline Dressage Schooling Series provide the opportunity to ride a dressage test in a recognized show setting but with the relaxed and friendly atmosphere of a schooling show. Perfect for riders new to competition or young horses starting their show careers. Classes offered range from Intro Level all the way to Grand Prix, as well as the new 2023 USDF Tests, 2022 USEF Eventing dressage tests and USEF Western dressage tests. You can also compete in Musical Freestyle in front of a judge or ride a practice freestyle test.

BACK THIS YEAR: Six Feet on the Ground. Foundation Tests 1-6 & Progression 1-3 are excellent warm-ups to the ridden dressage tests or for your young, green or no longer riding horses. They will run as the first classes in the Short Court.

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Help us celebrate the competitors who are working on their 2023 Goals by joining us as a sponsor. There are so many ways to be a part of this exciting year:

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Centerline Dressage Series Dates:

More may be added, check back for updated info!

February 11, 2023

March 11, 2023

April 8, 2023

May 6, 2023

June 3, 2023

July 15, 2023

August 12, 2023

September 23, 2023

(Sept Only – w/Jumping & Eventing Combined)

October 14, 2023

November 18, 2023

December 9, 2023


Class List

1. Intro Level Test A (short court)
2. Intro Level Test B (short court)
3. Intro Level Test C (short court)
4. USEF Eventing Dressage TOC
5. USEF Western Dressage TOC
6. Training Level Test 1
7. Training Level TOC
8. Training Level Test 3
9. First Level Test 1
10. First Level TOC
11. First Level Test 3
12. Second Level TOC
13. Third Level TOC
14. Fourth Level TOC
16. Musical Freestyle
17. Six Feet on the Ground – Foundation 1 & 2
19. Six Feet on the Ground – Foundation 3 & 4
20. Six Feet on the Ground – Foundation 5 & 6
21. Six Feet on the Ground – Progression 1,2 & 3





Donida Farm Equestrian Center
16600 SE 376th St
Auburn, WA 98092-9431

Email: go410s@aol.com
Phone: 360-507-9306

email: horseshowjet@hotmail.com
Phone: 253-951-9218








1) A horse may not have more than 3 rides in a day, regardless of how many riders it is entered with 2) Each Horse & Rider pair needs a separate Entry 3) Rides entered in different levels may not be scheduled in order of difficulty & may include lengthy time gaps 4) Short time gaps between may occur between rides if a) you bring multiple horses to ride yourself b) you enter more than one horse in the same class 5) Ride times are scheduled for optimum show flow, not to accommodate group ride schedules 6) Classes may be split or combined at Show Management discretion & varies show to show based on unpredictable entry results. 7) You may be subject to a $10 Change Fee if you choose to change your a) class level b) test number or c) add a class, after the entry has been completed d) change riders 8) Overnight Upgrades are $15 if not included in original entry 9) You may arrive after 3:00pm on Friday if I am selecting overnight stabling (or 1:00pm November – February due to shorter daylight hours) 10) Do not block driveways or fire lanes for any length of time 11) Clean my stall of solid waste and soiled bedding, depositing it in a bedding dumpster 12) Awards are located on the deck of the large Indoor Arena and will be available once the announcements are made and/or posted 13) Cancellation Requests made before the Close of Entries (if filled early) or the Entry Deadline, whichever comes first will be subject to a $25 processing fee 14) Cancellations after the Close of Entries or Entry Deadline forfeit funds unless it is horse or human health related in which case, the individual Class Entry fees may be refunded with the submission of a Vet or Doctor note/excuse.


·         Consider joining the Donida Farm’s Centerline Dressage Community Facebook Group: (1) Donida Farm’s Centerline Dressage Series Community | Facebook . Here, we are discussing the benefits of the series and the year long goal-driven focus for you and your horse

·         Earn a Certificate of Achievements by riding all 3 tests in USEF Introductory – Fourth Levels, A & B in USEA Eventing Dressage, 3 tests in a Western Dressage Level or 3 Six Feet on the Ground. You may enter as many shows as you want to try to improve your scores throughout the year & to complete all tests in that level.

·         Highest Average Scores, using your best score for each test in your completed level, will win Year-End Awards in Jr, AA & Open Divisions at the USEF Levels, Eventing, Western and Six Feet on the Ground.

·         Join us for the Year End Awards Banquet to celebrate everyone’s successes! Tickets to the Banquet are now on sale through our website at the Earlybird price of $40 each. Centerline series year end award presentation along with a fabulous catered dinner, beverages, line dancing along with complimentary lessons, dessert affair, auction and of course our year end award presentation. Cocktail attire. Purchase at the Show office or contact Gwen 360-507-9306 text/Facebook or reserve online at: Centerline Series Year End Awards Banquet | Donida Farm

·         We are using the Current Tests in all disciplines: 2023 Dressage, 2022 Eventing Dressage, 2022 Western Dressage & 2019 Six Feet on the Ground

·         We are utilizing the Fox Village Dressage Confirmation Email system. If you have not already viewed it, this is a good time to get familiar with it. Most class changes/corrections can be accomplished by reviewing your entry through that system. You can search your email for an email from FVD Confirmations Mail which is also confirmations@foxvillage.com

Attached you will find the current Schedule by Ring & Preliminary Rider’s Schedule by name. There are a few changes from the version that was previously posted on the website due to scratches so please double check. Stabling is also attached but is also posted online and at the show grounds Friday before the 1:00pm arrival time..

These may also be found on our website at: Dressage Schooling Shows | Donida Farm

Final Ride Times will be posted online if there are any changes. You should check both the online Schedule on Friday as well as the Office when you check in.

We are using Fox Village to send out Confirmations of your entry, posting ride times & Class Schedules. You may access the show information at: https://www.foxvillage.com

Fox Village will also report updated scores and class placements once a class is finished. Please keep in mind that if you view your scores on Fox Village during the show, the scores can change once we double check results and nothing is final until a class is placed. Your score may be in but your tests will not be available until the class is closed/placed. There will be announcements when classes have been placed and tests/ribbons are ready to be picked up on the deck of the indoor arena.

With our updated Fox Village software, we have been able to increase the size of our show. Please keep in mind that scheduling multiple rings can create a challenge and we’ve done the best we can to keep rides in order whenever possible. As usual, if you are riding in two different levels, your rides may not be in order of difficulty due to the way we need to split them between the courts. Also, because of some very large classes, we have split some.

VACCINE RECORDS: Since May of 2022 we have been requiring Proof of Vaccination for every event at the Farm. If you have not provided your Vaccine Records for this show, please bring them with you and check in immediately: DO NOT PUT YOUR HORSE IN A STALL IF YOU HAVE NOT PROVIDED PROOF OF VACCINE.

Haul In:

If you have reserved overnight stabling, you may arrive starting at 1:00pm, not sooner, as farm business, lessons and facility maintenance is being done up until that time.

1.       Stall charts are posted at the farm, on the window of the Welcome barn as you enter, outside the office & the charts are located online at: Dressage Schooling Shows | Donida Farm

2.       If you are stabled in B or C Barn, please unload your horses & gear in the driveway in front of A Barn & B Barn (the building with the large DF) Not in front of C Barn as this will block the Fire Lane/Driveway that runs to the back side of those buildings.

3.       Remove your rig from the driveways as soon as possible so that others can get in and unload safely. Do not leave your rig unattended for long periods of time

4.       DO NOT Block Driveways/Fire Lanes between barns with your rig. Donida Employees & Boarders need to get through those driveways regularly.

5.       Park your rig on the Track: the entrance is in the left corner of the parking lot that is located in front of the office if you looking toward the portable stalls. Please park along the OUTSIDE RAIL and leave ample room before and after that opening so that larger rigs can make the turn to enter/exit & do not park so close to another trailer or truck that they can not hook up or get around you. DO NOT park in the infield of the track

6.       The only alternative to parking on the track is at E Barn (the first barn as you enter the show grounds on your left) We recommend that park there if you have large rigs, regardless of where you are stabled

7.       No parking in the area between the portables & the track.

8.       Do Not Park your Rigs in the parking lots


Friday Overnighters:

·         On Friday afternoon/evening you may ride in the Large Indoor Arena, the Warmup Arena or the Competition arenas. There is NO RIDING in the SMALL INDOOR ARENA, THE PERMANENT COURT or on the RACETRACK

·         If you are the last person in the Large Indoor, please turn off the arena lights located on the last post on the Left Hand Side if you are looking at it from the deck.


Stable Manager: Gwen Blake 360-507-9306 go410s@aol.com

·      Only use the stall you have been assigned.

·      Please do not handle or move another horse if you discover it in your assigned stall – CALL GWEN!

·      PLEASE PICK YOUR STALL of any soiled bedding and manure before you leave. Manure bins are located outside of the barns. It is not necessary to strip your stall. Picking your stall helps keep stall costs down.

·      Please bring your own stall cleaning implements: the farm does not have picks, shovels or carts to lend