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NEXT SHOW – JUNE 26, 2021



JULY 30, 31 & AUGUST 1, 2021



FALL 2021 Dates TBD



JUNE 5 & 6, 2021


All show competitors need to sign a USEF Waiver/Release of Liability – Download Here usef-waiver-release-of-liability revised
Please review the Donida Dog Policy before planning to bring any dog to the Show Grounds: Donida Dog Policy





We will be observing the following practices and expect competitors to comply with all signage and published information. Updates and additions to this list may be published at any time and will be distributed electronically to all competitors.

It is the competitors responsibility to disseminate the information to everyone in your group.

You should check your temperature before leaving for the show. Temperatures need to be 99.5 F (37.5 C) or below. If temperature is above 99.5 please contact show management and stay home.

Recognized Shows only the USEF Waiver Everyone entering the show grounds will be signing a NEW USEF Waiver and Release form. Once you have submitted your form to the Show Secretary, you will receive a bracelet that must be worn all weekend.  This includes all people in your group: owner, trainer, coach, groom, spouse, and parent.

Face Masks & Bracelets REQUIRED TO BE WORN AT ALL TIMES. Each person is expected to bring their own mask. A participant may choose to wear a face mask or face covering when mounted on a horse and cannot be disqualified or penalized for doing so while competing. If you have an issue following the face mask or temperature rule you may be asked to leave the show grounds by show management.  If you have a doctor’s note stating you have a medical condition that prevents you from wearing a mask, you must submit it to the legal office at USEF. Please check the link on the USEF web site.

Social Distancing  A minimum of six feet separation is required. Groups who travel together, may work out their own distancing, but face masks must be worn at all times other than when mounted.

Hand Washing Must be done often, in addition to the use of sanitizers. Wash stations are in many locations. Porta potties will be sanitized every few hours.

Office Contact Will be by text, email or telephone. If necessary, the office will be open. Masks must be worn and social distancing observed by everyone. Rider packets will be available at the show office on a table for pickup.

Warm-up On show days, do not expect to enter any warm-up arena more than one hour prior to your ride time. Any equipment/attire/grooming/training items left unattended in any “common” area within the showgrounds will be removed.

Allowed on grounds    Coaches, riders, trainers, grooms, spouses, and a parent if rider is a minor, will be allowed on the grounds. Each rider only gets 2 of those.  If your coach or trainer is on the grounds with their horse that is one of your people. The people on the ground with the rider must be essential to helping them with their horse. Each individual must be recorded with the office, must sign the USEF releases and must wear a wrist band at all times. No exceptions!

Hospitality There will be concession on the show grounds.


Awards  Awards will be on a table near the show arenas, and competitors are to observe social distancing when picking up their tests, ribbon and/or trophy. The competitor may also bring a self-addressed, stamped envelope for tests to be mailed.

Scoreboard Classes will be on www.foxvillage.com and the final results for the day, will be posted at the show office.  Competitors are to observe social distancing when at the score board. 




COVID Action Plan


Jose Alejos Young Horse Program

JOSE ALEJOS returns to the Pacific Northwest  for his Fall Young Horse Training Session. April 11-24th, 2021 Prices range from $280 to $2,500.

This fantastic training seminar fills up fast. Multiple categories available. Prices include Board and turn-out, tack-up, cool-out, hacks, fabulous experience and confidence gained. Continued services following the training session of Young Horses may be arranged with Gwen Blake Training Team at Donida Farm.

Jose Alejos is an athlete, a horseman, mentor, and we are privileged that he is willing to share his experiences with us. We ask that during this Covid pandemic that people wear their masks and keep a social distance of 6 feet. We also ask that your re-frame form taking any pictures or Video unless it is Only for your viewing and not to b posted for public social media. Many people are easily critics when they have not been engaged in the whole session and they misunderstand the theory and application of technique. Thank you for understanding. We are still limiting the amount of people to the viewings so please address any additional people with Gwen or Kaili if other then yourself and two others. Please dont take offense if asked to re frame form any of the previous statements.

Click here for more information about the Jose Alejos Young Horse Program


Donida Farm Sponsors

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 Arabian Celebration Perpetual Trophy sponsored by

  Westbrook Sport Horses

Donida Farm Dressage Festival Perpetual Trophies sponsored by

1st – 4th Level Junior,
sponsored by Mary Bridge Pediatric Surgery

Training Level Adult Amateur,
sponsored by The Red Mare

1st – 4th Level Adult Amateur,
sponsored by Lilly Wilson Partners

Training Level Open,
sponsored by Mary Houghton and Melanie McCoury

1st – 4th Level Open,
sponsored by CHL Farrier Services

USDF Musical Freestyle,
sponsored by Dreitzler Dressage

FEI Open,
sponsored by Donida Farm

Dressage Seat Equitation,
sponsored by Joann Keller in memory of Chris Tann,
dedicated rider and beloved friend

Reaching for the Stars Junior Inspirational Award,
sponsored by The Ritzau family


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