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Dancing Under The Stars
a Musical Freestyle Event for All!

Sept 28, 2019

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Donida Farm presents

Systematic Dressage Training Symposium
with six-time Canadian Olympian
Cindy Ishoy

November 16-17, 2019

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 DF Dressage Schooling Spring Chapionships Feb-May 2020

Many competitors have no goals of heading into a Regional Championship. It’s expensive to become members with horses and riders. It’s expensive to travel, take off work and hope for the best.
Perhaps they don’t feel ready. Perhaps finances are tight.
Perhaps their horse is green.
Perhaps they are just wanting to have local fun!
Why can’t we have our own fun!
Let’s grow our sport and encourage new rider to get their feet wet.

February-May. we will be offering a new look to our Dressage schooling shows and offering a championship pre season awards for champion, reserve and runner up in assorted divisions.

We will be doing this with a POINT system. Not a hi-point. And if the class is large( example a Training level 3) , you’ll get more points.

Monogram coolers, bridle bags and saddle pads will be awarded.
We will awards many different categories . Example:
Eventer dressage ~Pony ~AA~Open~Jr
And more…
We have a lot of new riders in our sport and we should all pull together to make the shows a positive learning experience for all. Our Judges assist competitors who would go off course, have a fall, or forget their test.
For me this is what schooling shows are all about at Donida. Use our experienced knowledge to help new people learn how things run.
Read a test for them.
Hand them their coat.
Hold their horse.
Direct them.
Educate them with USEF rules versus schooling show rules.
This all prepares riders for the recognized shows. This is how we can get new riders to step up into the larger picture. This is just how things should be. Helpful. Supporting each other. Warms the heart!

Those Individuals or companies looking for advertisement/sponsorship please contact me.Stay tuned for more info. New awards program will start in February and run through May.

Riders may ride more than once in each class. Be sure to indicate which test you are riding in the Test of Choice (TOC) classes. If you do not indicate a test, we will put you in Test 3.
Daily Prizes: 1-5 place ribbons awarded in each class. Award to first with 3 or more entries in the class.
Warm Up and Schooling: We provide an indoor arena for warm-up in addition to our spacious outdoor rings. Lunging is permitted in designated outdoor lunging areas
Ride times will be posted on here by Wednesday pm. Concessions are available on the show grounds.
Schooling only: If you just want to bring a horse to school, you will need to pay for a day stall ($25.00) and a schooling fee of $30.00 for warm up arena use only. ~~~~~

Donida Farm Sponsors

Gwen Blake is sponsored by

 Arabian Celebration Perpetual Trophy sponsored by

  Westbrook Sport Horses

Donida Farm Dressage Festival Perpetual Trophies sponsored by

1st – 4th Level Junior, sponsored by Mary Bridge Pediatric Surgery
Training Level Adult Amateur, sponsored by The Red Mare
1st – 4th Level Adult Amateur, sponsored by Lilly Wilson Partners
Training Level Open, sponsored by Mary Houghton and Melonie McCoury
1st – 4th Level Open, sponsored by CHL Farrier Services
USDF Musical Freestyle, sponsored by Dreitzler Dressage
FEI Open, sponsored by Donida Farm
Dressage Seat Equitation, sponsored by Joann Keller in memory of Chris Tann, dedicated rider and beloved friend
Reaching for the Stars Junior Inspirational Award, sponsored by the Ritzau family

Vendor Opportunities at Donida Shows

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Jose Alejos Young Horse Program Returns October 13-27

JOSE ALEJOS returns to the Northwest  October 17-27, 2019.
Prices range from $280 to $2,500.

This fantastic training seminar is filling up fast. Multiple divisions available. Prices include Board and turn-out, tack-up, cool-out, hacks, fabulous experience and confidence gained. Continued services following the training session of Young Horses may be arranged with Gwen Blake Training Team at Donida Farm.

Jose Alejos is an athlete, a horseman, mentor, and we are privileged that he is willing to share his experiences with us.

1) “Backing”:  The backing of the unbroke horse. For horses never been started under saddle $1500 payable to Jose Alejos. Additional $500 board payable to Donida.

2) “Difficult horse”:  (Rearing, bucking, bolting, bullying, bad stallion behavior, etc.) These horses may only need a few days of explanation/correction/evaluation or up to two weeks.
Individually priced by Jose Alejos $2500 max.  Daily stall or haul-ins payable to Donida @ $38.00 day.

3) “Life lessons”: Halter breaking while instilling confidence with leading. Along with weaning in a group. (Yearlings thru 2 year old accepted as well). Individually priced by Jose Alejos and facility fee payable to Donida $38.00

4) “Individual rides”: available as well with personal consult. Individually priced by Jose Alejos and facility fee payable to Donida $38.00.

Owners will learn how to deal with their individual horse by the end of this seminar. Riders will usually be on their own horse and going for group trail rides aboard their newly broke horse!

Professionals expressed concern that they do not have time to start young horses as they have to focus their time on training and coaching, novice and advanced clientele. The inherent risk of starting young horses is widely acknowledged.

The most proficient riders, trainers, or athletes are the ones who practice their skills every day. An Olympic competitor trains every day to become a champion in their sport, so should the horse trainer! Sport research concludes that to become one of the elite global athletes in any sport, it requires a minimum 10 000 hours of training and practice to breach the high-performance level, let alone be the champion. The presenters in this series are top athletes and coaches in the discipline of starting young horses. It is estimated they have well over 90 000 hours in their field to date.

From Jose -“I travel the world starting young horses and addressing training problems in horses and their riders for virtually every discipline. I’ve been doing this since I was 10 years old when I first learned the principles of horsemanship from my grandfather. I call my method “rational horsemanship” because it is based on the natural interactions that occur among horses in a herd. Rational horsemanship takes advantage of a horse’s natural reaction to pressure and, even more importantly, its reaction to the precise timing of the release of pressure, so that the horse becomes increasingly responsive to the rider’s aids (seat, leg, and hand). Using this method, I sense when the horse is just on the verge of giving to pressure, at which point I reward the horse with the release. In just a few short weeks, my rational horsemanship approach can produce a responsive, balanced and happy young horse that a professional or good amateur can continue working with in their specific discipline. Ultimately, my method establishes a secure foundation for each young horse I work with, whether they are hunter, jumper, dressage, eventing, or western riding horses.

When I travel to a farm, I typically work with 10 to 30 horses at a time. Occasionally I will work with less than 10 young horses or combine some colt starting with solving training problems in older horses. My programs typically run about two weeks, but I absolutely guarantee my work and I stay for as long as is needed to ensure that the riders and trainers are satisfied and comfortable riding and handling their horses themselves.”

Donida Farm Equestrian Center Spring 2019 Young Horse Seminar. Contact: Gwen Blake 360-507-9306/text/call/message

A $1000 deposit payable to Jose Alejos will hold your spot followed by the balance due upon arrival. Special arrangements for Individual Difficult defined horses. All documents/releases/discriptions and information must be supplied with deposit.

Initial deposit payable to: Jose Alejos.

Mail to:
Gwen Blake c/o Young Horse Session
16650 SE 376th St
Auburn, WA 98092

Documents and paperwork:

1 Intro Letter October 2019

2 Participant Form and Deposit Request October 2019

3 Boarding Agreement October 2019

4. Release and Indemnification