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Dressage Schooling Shows


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Curbside Cavaletti Class

July 11, 2020




English/Western Schooling Show Series

SERIES FINAL – AUGUST 1 & 2, 2020 •

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Dressage Fesitval 1 & 2

JULY 24 – 27, 2020

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We are all aware of the COVID-19 virus. It will continue to impact all of our lives. For how long, we are not sure.

Donida Farm hosts many horse show competitions and events scheduled through-out the year. We continue to provide plenty of wash stations and sanitizing products located around the facility. We do strongly recommend that you use your own judgment and stay updated on the epidemic.

We, along with other responsible facilities across the country, are implementing temporary updates to our cancellation policies to support our community in this climate where situations can change suddenly.

If you have, or plan on entering any competitions or events through April 25, hosted by Donida Farm and WE have to cancel due to Federal, State or Local constraints, we will issue you a 100% credit Voucher. Vouchers must be used for Donida Farm hosted shows, clinics & symposiums within the 2020 season and exclude outside Federation fees (USEF, USDF, AHA etc.)

This assists Donida in continuing to obtain staff, officials, and awards for the current scheduled event and should allow you the peace of mind knowing you can enter without risk.

We may re-evaluate dates as more info is available.

For those who feel they need to cancel any event due to personal health issues we have added an on-line cancelation form that must be done within 24 hours of competition. “no-shows” will not be considered. This keeps things official and eliminates the lost emails and texts that often occurs. Individual refund amount may vary.


DF Dressage Schooling Spring Championships: Feb-May 2020

Many competitors have no goals of heading into a Regional Championship. It’s expensive to become members with horses and riders. It’s expensive to travel, take off work and hope for the best. Perhaps they don’t feel ready,  finances are tight. Perhaps their horse is green or maybe they are just wanting to have local fun! Why can’t we have our own fun? Let’s grow our sport and encourage new riders to get their feet wet.

February-May. we will be offering a new look to our Dressage Schooling Shows and offering Championship awards for Champion, Reserve and Runner Up in assorted divisions. We will be doing this with a multiple show POINT system. If the class is large (example a Training level 3), you’ll get more points. Award given in all categories for Champion/Reserve and Runner Up.
We will award the following categories- Intro/Training/1st-2nd/3rd- FEI/Eventer/Pony/Thoroughbred/Western and In Hand

We have a lot of new riders in our sport and we should pull together to make the shows a positive learning experience for all. Our judges assist competitors who go off course, have a fall, or forget their test. For me, this is what schooling shows are all about at Donida, using our experience and knowledge to help new competitors learn how things run. So read a test for them, hand them their coat or hold their horse. Direct them. Educate them on USEF rules versus schooling show rules. This all prepares riders for the recognized shows. This is how we can get new riders to step up into the larger picture. This is just how things should be. Helpful. Supporting each other. Warms the heart!

Individuals or companies looking for advertisement/sponsorship please contact me. Championship program will start in February and run through May.

Jose Alejos Young Horse Program

JOSE ALEJOS returns to the Pacific Northwest May 10-17, 2020
Prices range from $280 to $2,500.

This fantastic training seminar fills up fast. Multiple categories available. Prices include Board and turn-out, tack-up, cool-out, hacks, fabulous experience and confidence gained. Continued services following the training session of Young Horses may be arranged with Gwen Blake Training Team at Donida Farm.

Jose Alejos is an athlete, a horseman, mentor, and we are privileged that he is willing to share his experiences with us.

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Donida Farm Sponsors

Gwen Blake is sponsored by

 Arabian Celebration Perpetual Trophy sponsored by

  Westbrook Sport Horses

Donida Farm Dressage Festival Perpetual Trophies sponsored by

1st – 4th Level Junior,
sponsored by Mary Bridge Pediatric Surgery

Training Level Adult Amateur,
sponsored by The Red Mare

1st – 4th Level Adult Amateur,
sponsored by Lilly Wilson Partners

Training Level Open,
sponsored by Mary Houghton and Melanie McCoury

1st – 4th Level Open,
sponsored by CHL Farrier Services

USDF Musical Freestyle,
sponsored by Dreitzler Dressage

FEI Open,
sponsored by Donida Farm

Dressage Seat Equitation,
sponsored by Joann Keller in memory of Chris Tann,
dedicated rider and beloved friend

Reaching for the Stars Junior Inspirational Award,
sponsored by the Ritzau family

Vendor Opportunities at Donida Shows

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