Donida Dressage Festival


Auction Opens on Friday July 30th & closes Saturday July 31, 2021 during the evening during the Musical Freestyle & Wine Tasting 

If you can’t be present to bid, make sure you contact someone attending who can bid/pay for you! Everyone is welcome to participate but items must be paid for and picked up at the event!

Our auction proceeds ALWAYS go back into the facility for YOU.
Would you be willing to donate anything or donations from people, business’s you often use?
Or perhaps you may have some other clever ideas of adding other things?
Anything would be appreciated to make our shows FUN!
Here are some of the AMAZING donations we have so far! Be sure to check out the gallery and get ready to bid competitively!!
  • Lesson with Gwen Blake
  • Bunkhouse Weekend for up to six people
  • Single Ride with Jose Alejos
  • 30 minute photo session with Long Haired Grand Prix Friesian Stallion donated by Regine Brockway
  • Body Clip by Stacy Sikorski
  • Braiding by Hannah Spector
  • Coffee Basket by Amanda Allen
  • Piaffe/Passage Lesson on Grand Prix Friesian Stallion at Donida donated by JRB Friesians
  • Brush Gift Basket by Amanda Greco Designs
  • Lesson with Kari McClain
  • Lesson with Alexandra Brooks
  • Photo Shoot with David Thomas
  • Naughty Equestrian Gift Basket
  • Albion Care Kit donated by Karri Russel
  • Lesson with Lindsey O’Keefe
  • Lesson with Matt Eagan
  • Donida Farm Recognized Show Weekend Stall Certificate
  • 2022 Show Season Dog Pass donated by Cleo Blake
  • Human Stem Cell Patch Basket donated by Tammie George
  • Wine Basket & Insulated Wine Tumbler donated by Thais McCoy
  • Donida Venue for Photo Shoot: Grad or Sr Pictures
  • Saddle Pad donated by Thais McCoy
  • Saddle Fitting by Thais McCoy
  • Two & Four Legged Massage @ 30 Minutes by Karin Brisky
  • Gift Basket donated by Jessica Wisdom
  • Gift Basket donated by Rainland
  • 30 Minute Photo Session with Jessica Alvarado
  • Gift Basket donated by Jennifer O’Brien/New Balance Training
  • Coffee Lovers Basket donated by Jason & Amanda Allen/Warmbloods Maximus
  • Olson’s Tack Gift Basket