Curbside Cavaletti Class

Curbside Cavaletti Class - July 11, 2020

Popular demand brings this fun class back for every horse discipline to enjoy: Gymnastics/cavaletti class taught by Gwen Blake (USA Dressage Team member). Teaches balance, suppleness, coordination and confidence in both rider and horse. We work with cavaletti combinations, courses, ground and raised poles, skill developing, cones, boxes, lines. Come enjoy the the fun and array of poles. Great to get out and enjoy your horse in these difficult times. Gather your friends for a groupie! Participate in as little or as much as you want. $120/horse, 90 minute small group class. Spacial distancing practiced. Sorry no outside added spectators. Sign Up Deadline - Wednesday July 8, 2020 Day stall provided. Just arrive, ride , then depart. (Stalls must be picked) Gwen 360-507-9306 (text)
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