Jose Alejos Fall Young Horse Program

One week under saddle, this horse gained an incredible amount of confidence from Jose.

Donida Farm Equestrian Center proudly presents world-renowned young horse starter and master horseman Jose Alejos, returning to Donida Farm October 15-29, 2018.

This two-week plus program will include a choice of three categories:

1) “Backing”: The backing of horses with no attempts. A clean slate of no education at all. Most owners are able to come for a lesson in the second week of their horses education. Horses are broke to arenas, trails, race track, woods, as a group and by themselves.

2) “The Problem Horse”- Horses who have failed backing from previous attempts by others, or has a attitude of: bucking, rearing, bolting, trailering issues, biting striking, bullying etc.

3) “Foal Training”- 4-6 months of age (or older). Foals halter training and life lessons along with weaning in a group with same sex. Low stress. Leading, clipping, bathing etc. Mothers may accompany foals during the first week. Love the babies and love them more as they become bigger.

Whatever the issue is, we can get it fixed this spring!

Our Young Horse Program will fill quickly as there is a limited number of horses accepted. Jose’s method is a very kind, fair way. He is a remarkable rare horseman. You will be as amazed as I was when you watch him in action. His training sessions are private (with exception) to those enrolled.

His methods/bio and testimonials can be found at

Jose comes highly recommended by trainers, breeders, professionals and owners all over the world. Local references include:

Nancy Free, Hunter trainer and owner of Brass Ring Farm.
Carol Hinckley,  Hunter/Jumper trainer and owner of Brick Road Farms.
Gwen Blake, USEF Team dressage competitor/trainer and owner of Donida Farm.
Michele Pestle, Event trainer/competitor, out of Bauernhof Stables.
Tammy Masters, Jumper trainer/competitor and owner of Starfire Farm.
Paige Ruhl, NW FEI Dressage trainer.

Cost of this 2-week session ranges from $1,000 – $2,500 and includes stall board with daily turnout at Donida Farm.

Reserve your spot with 50% down immediately and balance with final paperwork due upon arrival in October 2018. Cash/credit card/paypal or checks payable to Donida Farm

Please see all four documents to sign and return to hold your spot. For more info, contact Gwen Blake for a deposit to hold your horse’s spot and request

1 Intro Letter

2 Participant Form and Deposit Request

3 Boarding Agreement

4. Release and Indemnification