Donida English/Western Schooling Show Series

Donida Farm English/Western Schooling Shows provide riders of all ages the chance to enjoy a real horse show experience in a relaxed and friendly setting. Classes include Halter & Showmanship, English, and Western classes. Compete in 4 of the 6 shows in the series and you’ll be eligible to win one of six Series High Point Championships! Shows are held indoors in our large covered arena, and we even offer an indoor arena for warm up and schooling. The show series runs from October through April. 

2019–2020 English/ Western Series Dates

October 19, 2019
November 23, 2019
December 14, 2019
February 22, 2020
March 14, 2020
August 1 & 2, 2020 – FINAL 


Class List
Start time: 9:00am _ Saturday August 1, 2020
1. Halter, Color Horse 
2. Halter, Non Color Horse 
3. Halter, Open 
4. Halter, Thoroughbred Only *
5. Western Showmanship, Green Horse/Handler* 
6. Western Showmanship, Open 
7. Walk Only Pleasure Green Horse* 
8. Walk Only Pleasure Novice Rider* 
9. Walk Only Pleasure Open 
10. Walk Only Equitation Novice Rider* 
11. Walk Only Equitation Open 
12. Walk/Jog Pleasure Green Horse* 
13. Walk/Jog Pleasure Novice Rider* 
14. Walk/Jog Pleasure 12 & under 
15. Walk/Jog Pleasure 13–17 
16. Walk/Jog Pleasure 18 & over 
17. Walk/Jog Pleasure Open 
18. Walk/Jog Pleasure, Thoroughbred Only *
19. Walk/Jog Pleasure Color 
20. Walk/Jog Pleasure Non-Color 
21. Walk/Jog Pleasure Stock Type 
22. Walk Jog Pleasure Non-Stock Type 
23. Walk/Jog Equitation Novice Rider* 
24. Walk/Jog Equitation 12 & under 
25. Walk/Jog Equitation 13-17 
26. Walk/Jog Equitation 18 & over 
27. Walk/Jog Equitation Open 
28. Western Pleasure Green Horse* 
29. Western Pleasure Novice Rider* 
30. Western Pleasure 12 & under 
31. Western Pleasure 13-17 
32. Western Pleasure 18 & over 
33. Western Pleasure Open 
34. Western Pleasure, Thoroughbred Only *
35. Western Pleasure Color 
36. Western Pleasure Non-Color 
37. Western Pleasure Stock Type 
38. Western Pleasure Non Stock Type 
39. Western Equitation Novice Rider* 
40. Western Equitation 12 & under 
41. Western Equitation 13–17 
42. Western Equitation 18 & over 
43. Western Equitation Open 
44. Advanced Western Equitation Open 
45. Ranch Riding 

Start time: 9:00am _ Sunday August 2, 2020

1a. Halter, Color Horse 
2a. Halter, Non Color Horse 
3a. Halter, Open 
4a. Halter, Thoroughbred Only *
46. English Showmanship, Green Horse/Handler* 
47. English Showmanship, Open 48. Walk Only Pleasure Green Horse* 
49. Walk Only Pleasure Novice Rider* 
50. Walk Only Pleasure Open 
51. Walk Only Equitation Novice Rider* 
52. Walk Only Equitation Open 
53. Walk/Trot Pleasure Green Horse* 
54. Walk/Trot Pleasure Novice Rider* 
55. Walk/Trot Pleasure 12 & under 
56. Walk/Trot Pleasure 13-17 
57. Walk/Trot Pleasure 18 & over 
58. Walk/Trot Pleasure Open 
59. Walk/Trot Pleasure, Thoroughbred Only* 
60. Walk/Trot Equitation Novice Rider* 
61. Walk/Trot Equitation 12 & under 
62. Walk/Trot Equitation 13-17 
63. Walk/Trot Equitation 18 & over 
64. Walk/Trot Equitation Open 
65. English Pleasure Green Horse* 
66. English Pleasure Novice Rider* 
67. English Pleasure 12 & under 
68. English Pleasure 13-17 
69. English Pleasure 18 & over 
70. English Pleasure Open 
71. English Pleasure, Thoroughbred Only *
72. English Equitation Novice Rider* 
73. English Equitation 12 & under 
74. English Equitation 13–17 
75. English Equitation 18 & over 
76. English Equitation Open 
77. Advanced English Equitation Open 

Short arena break to set for jumping classes 
78. Hunter Hack, Walk Trot* 
79. Hunter Hack, Walk Trot Canter* 
80. Intro Hunter Mini Course, Trot Poles* 
81. Intro Hunter Mini Course, 18” Cross Rails* 
82. Intro Hunter Mini Course, 2’ Verticals* 

* class does not count toward Age Division high point awards

Next show: August 1 & 2, 2020 ~ Series FINAL

Saturday – August 1 WESTERN CLASSES

Sunday – August 2 ENGLISH CLASSES



Please be aware that Covid 19 protocols will be in effect & will be dependent upon local Phase level rules. Please be prepared to adhere to all of the following regulations before entering the show;

*. Riders and One person are allowed. sorry NO outside spectators until further notice
* no food service will be provided.
* please be aware that human temperature MAY be requested at the facility entrance.
*Masks must be worn by all non mounted persons, * unless health restricted.
* Classes may be size restricted and may be cancelled or combined based by show management
* Awards, ribbons and prizes will be distributed in a manner that is considered safe


All Entries must be submitted online until further notice!

Note: all pre-entries must be submitted online. Pre-Entries close at 12:00 Noon on the Wednesday before the show. Day-of-Show entries will be accepted in the show office.

Special Note: We are looking forward to you all coming to the English/Western Series show this weekend and the Dressage Schooling Show the following. It’s very exciting to watch the growth, however, IN LIGHT OF CURRENT CROWD CONCERNS, We are suggesting the deck of the indoor arena be limited to support individuals for competitors in each particular class. This is a private facility but still, with any virus (whether it’s Equine or Human) please be smart and practice good measures regarding attendance of this or any event

If you need to cancel your entry please request a refund HERE by 8am on Friday, July 31, 2020


Stabling: Stalls will be available after 1pm on the Friday before the show. If you have ANY stabling issues or requests, you MUST contact Denise – 253-334-9842/ Riders are NOT allowed to make changes to the stabling ie: moving stall labels. We assign stabling for a variety or reasons and any/all changes MUST go through Denise.

To keep costs down and fees from increasing, competitors are asked to please pick their stalls of soiled bedding and manure before departing. Stripping is not necessary.

You MUST pre-enter online to reserve an overnight stall for Friday night, no exceptions. If you are not pre-entered, do not arrive at Donida until Saturday morning when you can sign a release form in the show office.

Pre-Entries always close on the Wednesday before the show at 12:00 Noon

No refunds for cancellation after the closing date unless you have a doctor or vet slip.


  • NOVICE RIDER: Any rider who has not won three 1st places in the previous show season at any show (Novice classes do not count for the high point)
  • GREEN HORSE: Any horse in it’s first or second year of showing (Green Horse classes do not count for high point)
  • RIDER AGE: Age as of the first show of the series (October 19, 2019)


Horse and Rider pairs who earn points in a minimum of 4 of the 6 shows will be eligible to win a Series High Point Award in one of the following divisions:

  • Rider, 12 & under, Western
  • Rider, 13-17, Western
  • Rider, 18 & over, Western
  • Rider, 12 & under, English
  • Rider, 13-17, English
  • Rider, 18 & over, English

Champions are awarded coolers, jackets, and medals. Awards will be presented at the April show!

Hunter Hack Championship

A daily high point prize will be awarded to the rider with the most points in the following classes:

78. Hunter Hack, Walk Trot
79. Hunter Hack, Walk Trot Canter
80. Intro Hunter Mini Course, trot poles
81. Intro Hunter Mini Course, 18″ cross rails
82. Intro Hunter Mini Course, 2′ verticals

Thoroughbred Only Classes and High Points

The following Thoroughbred only classes are included at the show:

4 – Halter – Thoroughbred Only
18 – Walk/Jog Pleasure – Thoroughbred Only
34 – Western Pleasure – Thoroughbred Only
59 – Walk/Trot Pleasure – Thoroughbred Only
71 – English Pleasure – Thoroughbred Only

There is also a High Point award for Thoroughbreds. You must show in 3 of the 5 classes to qualify.

TIP Awards

The Jockey Club’s Thoroughbred Incentive Program (T.I.P.) Series High Point Award uses the same point system. TIP High Point Awards are available at each show. Please join us to compete for those!!

All Thoroughbred Only Classes and High Point Awards are provided by the Jockey Club’s Thoroughbred Incentive Program (T.I.P.). Winners must be registered with T.I.P. to qualify. Get More information and your Free T.I.P. number HERE

Ranch Riding

Here is the Ranch Riding pattern for the 2019-2020 Series: (click to enlarge):

(click to enlarge)


Show manager: Gwen Blake 360-507-9306 (phone or text)
Show secretary: Jeannette Parrett,


1. A signed copy of this Rules Form must be turned in prior to your first class.
2. Anyone under 18 years of age must wear an ASTM/SEI-approved equestrian safety helmet.
3. This is a schooling show, show attire not required. All participants must wear boot with at least 1” heels. No shorts please.
4. Participants must pay for all classes in full prior to the start of the show, or leave blank check with the show secretary.
5. The judges’ decisions are final
6. Grounds for disqualification and expulsion w/o a refund: Unsportsmanlike conduct, Use of severe bits or training devices, Unruly or out-of-control horses, Mistreatment of any horse; as determined by show staff or judges, exhibiting a horse that is exhausted, injured or lame
7. Any disputes or problems during the show should be brought to the attention of the show manager at the show office.
8. Horses should not be tied to any arena fence, stall, or any place that would constitute a hazard. Horses may not be tied to trailers.
9. Park horse trailers in designated trailer parking area only.
10. Spectator parking in designated area only.
11. Keep fire lanes open at all times.
12. No horses allowed onto facility without being stalled and release signed.
13. No dogs allowed on the show grounds.
14. Please lunge in designated areas only.
15. Use manure wagons to dispose of stall manure only.
16. “A” barn washracks are reserved for Donida Farm boarders only. Public rack outside “C” barn, “D” barn, and “E” barn
17. Pick up garbage and place in or next to dumpster or cans.
18. No stall construction changes allowed. Any damage to stalls will incur a fee.
19. No nails in stall. Tack stalls will be charged $20.00 for nails.
20. No riding on racetrack
21. Donida Farm boarders have the right to use the warm-up areas.

NOTE: Classes may be combined, divided or cancelled upon manager’s decision. Prizes: 1-5 place ribbons awarded in each class. Award to first w/ 3 or more. Warm Up and Schooling: We provide an indoor arena for warm-up in addition to our spacious outdoor rings. Lunging is permitted in designated outdoor lunging areas Concessions are available on the show grounds.

Schooling only: If you just want to bring a horse to school, you will need to pay for a day stall ($25.00) and a schooling fee of $35.00 for warm up arena use only. Horses must wear their number and abide by the rules. Any dangerous horse may be asked to leave.

*No refund of entry fees without a vet or physicians certificate. The only exception would be if the weather forces cancellation or shut down of show. Cancellation of entries with certificates will have class fees only refunded.