Donida Dressage Schooling Show Series

Donida Farm Dressage Schooling Shows provide the opportunity to ride a dressage test in a recognized show setting but with the relaxed and friendly atmosphere of a schooling show. Perfect for riders new to competition or young horses starting their show careers. Classes are held both indoors and outdoors. Pending weather. Classes offered range from Intro Level all the way to Grand Prix, as well as USEA Eventing dressage tests and USEF Western dressage tests. You can also compete in Musical Freestyle in front of a judge or ride a practice freestyle test. 

Donida Dressage Dates

Ride & Run – September 19, 2020


In light of the current fire situation here in Washington we are canceling the Dressage Ride & Run scheduled for Saturday September 19th.
It’s clear that the entire community is rallying for all of the members who have been directly impacted by the numerous fires and it’s foreseeable that all of resources you all have offered will be called upon again to return horses to their homes as soon as it’s safe to do so. Couple this with the poor air quality which prohibits training & riding and practically everyone in the Washington Equestrian Community is impacted in some way.
We will be refunding those entries we have already received & invite everyone back for our Dressage Derby 3 in 1 on Saturday October 10, 2020. We will all pray that things are back to normal by then!
Meanwhile, stay safe and let us know if anyone needs sheltering here at the farm.
We are looking forward to seeing you all again when we can relax and enjoy the ride! Let’s hope that is very soon!!

Class List

1. Intro Level TOC (short court)
2. Intro Level TOC – 2nd Ride (short court)
3. USEA Eventing Dressage TOC (short court)
4. USEA Eventing Dressage TOC – 2nd Ride (short court)
5. USEF Western Dressage TOC (short court)
6. USEF Western Dressage TOC – 2nd ride (short court)
7. Training Level TOC
8. Training Level TOC – 2nd Ride
9. First Level TOC
10. First Level TOC – 2nd Ride
11. Second Level TOC
12. Second Level TOC – 2nd Ride
13. Third/Fourth Level
14. Third/Fourth Level – 2nd Ride
15. FEI TOC 
16. FEI TOC – 2nd Ride
17. Musical Freestyle
18. NAWD Six Feet On The Ground
19. NAWD Six Feet On The Ground – 2nd Go
20. Sport Horse In-Hand Triangle

Ride & Run Special Notice:

Until we are relieved of the Covid 19 Health Regulations, we will continue to run Dressage Schooling events in the “Ride & Run” style. Come in, ride a Test-Of-Choice,or two… and please depart.

Please read through all of the Rules before making a decision to attend.

IF you are not prepared to comply with the COVID Protocol, please do NOT sign up!

Rides will be grouped by names NOT by levels. By the end of the day the results will be posted “Online”. and awards (sponsored from Mike at Olsons Tack) and ribbons will be mailed to persons. Entries coming out Thursday on

Here is the ruling: Due to Covid-19 a *Temporary* $5.00 Covid Fee will be charged to cover the additional costs of upholding the regulations until the additional steps are no longer required by the county/state.
* Riders and One person are allowed. sorry NO outside spectators.* please be aware that human temperature will be requested at the facility entrance.
* Masks must be worn by all non mounted persons, unless health restricted with a doctor’s note
* Morning groups MUST be off facility by noon. and afternoon riders may NOT arrive for noon.
* Awards, ribbons and prizes will be mailed on Monday following the event. Questions/concerns text Gwen 360-507-9306

PLEASE NOTE: Rides will be scheduled to best accommodate our social distancing policy & the ride schedule will be posted on Wednesday evening before the event. We may schedule you for the Morning or Afternoon groups so please do not enter if you have time restrictions. We will do our best to give you enough time time to plan ahead for appropriate arrival time.


 Ride & Run – September 19, 2020  – CANCELLED

Note: All entries must be submitted online. Entries close at 5pm on the Sunday before the show unless the show fills sooner.

Stabling: Stalls will be available after 1pm on the Friday before the show. If you have ANY stabling issues/requests you MUST contact Denise – 253-334-9842/ Riders are NOT allowed to make changes to the stabling ie: moving stall labels. We assign stabling for a variety or reasons and any/all changes MUST go through Denise.

If you have already entered and need to cancel please request a refund HERE by Sunday June 21 @ 8:00am

About the Show

Classes may be combined, divided or cancelled upon manager’s decision.

WE WILL BE USING THE 2019 TESTS (not all tests have changed)

Riders may ride more than once in each class. Be sure to indicate which test you are riding in the Test of Choice (TOC) classes. If you do not indicate a test, we will put you in Test 3. Ride times will be posted on here by Wednesday pm.

Prizes: 1-5 place ribbons awarded in each class. Award to first with 3 or more entries in the class.

Warm Up and Schooling: We provide an indoor arena for warm-up in addition to our spacious outdoor rings. Lunging is permitted in designated outdoor lunging areas only.

Ride Times: Preliminary Ride Times will be posted online by Wednesday evening. Finals will be posted in the show office

Riders with Multiple Horses entered in the show will be scheduled with the goal to give you 45 minutes between rides. Please be prepared with your own support to be able to accommodate whatever horse/tack changes you need to make. Riding multiple horses in the same class may not be feasible. Hors Concours: Riders may opt to ride in front of a judge and receive comments and scores but not be placed in the class. These rides may be out of order to meet time/spacing requirements of the rider who isn’t concerned with the placings or awards. Hors Concours (HC) riders shall wear their number upside down while riding to indicate they are not competing.

Concessions are not available on the show grounds. 

Stabling: Stalls will be available after 1pm on the Friday before the show. If you have ANY stabling issues/requests you MUST contact Denise – 253-334-9842/ Riders are NOT allowed to make changes to the stabling ie: moving stall labels. We assign stabling for a variety or reasons and any/all changes MUST go through Denise.

*No refund of entry fees without a vet or physicians certificate. The only exception would be if the weather forces cancellation or shut down of show. In the event of a show cancellation: Class & stall fees will be automatically refunded. No Roll-Over of fees to any other show.


Show manager: Gwen Blake 360-507-9306 (phone or text)
Show secretary: Jeannette Parrett,


1. A signed copy of the Rules Form must be turned in prior to your first class.
2. Anyone under 18 years of age must wear an ASTM/SEI-approved equestrian safety helmet.
3. This is a schooling show, show attire not required. All participants must wear boot with at least 1” heels. No shorts please.
4. Participants must pay for all classes in full prior to the start of the show.
5. The judges’ decisions are final.
6. Grounds for disqualification and expulsion w/o a refund: unsportsmanlike conduct, use of severe bits or training devices, unruly or out-of-control horses, mistreatment of any horse as determined by show staff or judges, or exhibiting a horse that is exhausted, injured, or lame.
7. Any disputes or problems during the show should be brought to the attention of the show manager at the show office.
8. Horses should not be tied to any arena fence, stall, or any place that would constitute a hazard. Horses may not be tied to trailers. Owners will be responsible for any damages
9. Park horse trailers in designated trailer parking area only.
10. Spectator parking in designated area only.
11. Keep fire lanes open at all times.
12. No horses allowed onto facility without being stalled and release signed. Use only your assigned stall. Donida Farm Boarders have the right to use the warm-up areas.
13. No dogs allowed on the show grounds
14. Please lunge in designated areas only.
15. Use manure wagons to dispose of stall manure only. Please clean stall of manure & urine soiled bedding before you leave.
16.Pick up garbage and place in or next to dumpster or cans.
17. A-barn wash-racks for boarder residents only. Public rack outside “C” barn, “D” barn, and “E” barn
18. No stall construction changes allowed. Any damage to stalls will incur a fee.
19. No nails in stall. Tack stalls will be charged $20.00 for nails.
20. No riding on racetrack
21. Scored tests, ribbons & awards will be available on the deck of the large indoor arena when a class is complete. Results will be posted on the large board outside of the show office and results will be announced on the PA generally within one(1) hour of the end of the final ride in each class. Unclaimed tests & ribbons will be held in the show office only until the following show or 30 days from the final show. Please designate someone to pick up your tests & ribbons if you can not stay for results. We do not mail tests or prizes.