Donida Farm is hosting a Musical Freestyle Championship and fun competition. This is a Non Recognized event. The indoor arenas will include the many Musical ride options available:  Musical Freestyle First level through Grand Prix, Teamed Freestyle competition, Musical Costume classes, Themed Costume classes, Pas De Deux & Children’s Costume lead line classes

The purpose of this competition is for the riders to be able to express themselves and their horse with their own music choice and clever choreography. To show the spectators a wonderful show of harmony between horse and rider. 

Due to Covid-19 a *Temporary* $5.00 Covid Fee will be charged to cover the additional costs of upholding the regulations until the additional steps are no longer required by the county/state.
* Riders and One person are allowed. sorry NO outside spectators.                                                                                                                   * please be aware that human temperature will be requested at the facility entrance.
* Masks must be worn by all non mounted persons, unless health restricted with a doctor’s note
* Morning groups MUST be off facility by noon. and afternoon riders may NOT arrive for noon.
* Awards, ribbons and prizes will be mailed on Monday following the event. Questions/concerns text Gwen 360-507-9306


We’re always looking for more sponsors to add to our already wonderful group support. Contact Gwen Blake

Show Date: September 12, 2020 – Online Entry HERE

Musical Freestyle Champion Division  $25 entry fee

First Level – Open, Adult Amateur, Jr (18 – )
Second Level Open, Adult Amateur, Jr (18 – )
Third Level Open, Adult Amateur, Jr (18 – )
Fourth Level Open, Adult Amateur, Jr (18 – )
Intermediate 1 Open, Adult Amateur, Jr (18 – )
Grand Prix Open, Adult Amateur, Jr (18 – )

Requirements are located on the USDF website.
Awards: First place receives a champion ribbon and a choice from the prize table 

2nd Reserve ribbon and prize
3-5  place receives a ribbon
High points

A/A- Prize and cash awards.
Jr 18- Prize and cash award
Open- prize and cash award

Musical Freestyle Team Competition Entry fee: $20 per rider.

Management has random draw of a Jr, AA, and open rider irrelevant of their level to compete as a team. Score from Individual freestyle will count for a combined overall score to determine the Champion Team. Tallied scores will be posted during the day. Spectators are encourage to add to the cash Pot and cheer on your team choice.

Cash Prize to first place team riders
Prize to second place team riders
Prize to  third place teams.

Musical Freestyle Freestyle $25 entry fee

Anything goes in this class. Show off what you and your horse can do. Test pattern not required. Five minutes max. Judging Panel and Spectators participation in determining the placings.

First place receives cash award.
2nd place receives cash award
3rd place receives cash award.

Musical Theme Costume Class $25 per team

Two or more people performing a little skit. Props allowed. Judging Panel and Spectators participation in determining the placings. Approx 3 minutes.

Cash prize awarded first through third.

Musical Pas De Deux Entry fee: $40 pair ($20 each)

Music may just be background or choreographed to the test. Pair yourself with a partner. Be clever and creative in presenting a mirror image of each other. Requirements on the USDF website.
First place receives $100 and a directors chair.
2nd and 3rd places receive a cash award.

Lead Line Group Costume Class (riders 10 & under) $20 entry fee

Group class held at a walk

Prizes to all participants

Costume Class $25 entry fee

All ages, no restrictions, no requirements. 2+ minutes to perform how you’d like in you and your horses costume. Background music recommended. Judging Panel and Spectators participation in determining the placings.
1-3 cash prizes

About the Show

Prizes: 1-5 place ribbons awarded in each class. Trophies/TBA Cash to first with three or more entries

High Points: AA, Open, Jr 18- Musical Freestyle High point . High point awards will be held at show office for up to 30 days, then recycled.

Housing: Need a place to stay either overnight or during the day? The “Ol’ Western Bunk House”. Great way to be with your horse and family too. Check with Gwen Blake for reservations.

Warm Up and Performance: Indoors for Dancing under the Stars. Outdoor sand/rubber/textile for Dressage and possibly Six Feet on the Ground. Lunging is permitted in designated outdoor lunging area. Schooling is permitted in the competition arenas before the start of the show and during breaks.

Ride times will be posted on our website by Wednesday night at

Concessions and Espresso stand are available on the show grounds.

*No cash refunds after closing date, on entry fees or stabling without a vet or physicians certificate. The only exception would be if the weather forces cancellation or shut down of show. Cancellation of entries BEFORE the closing date may be rolled over to next show less office fee


Show manager: Gwen Blake 360-507-9306 (phone or text)
Show secretary: Jeannette Parrett,


1. A signed copy of this Rules Form must be turned in prior to your first class.
2. Anyone under 18 years of age must wear an ASTM/SEI-approved equestrian safety helmet.
3. This is a schooling show, show attire not required. All participants must wear boot with at least 1” heels. No shorts please.
4. Participants must pay for all classes in full prior to the start of the show.
5. The judges’ decisions are final.
6. Grounds for disqualification and expulsion w/o a refund: unsportsmanlike conduct, use of severe bits or training devices, unruly or out-of-control horses, mistreatment of any horse as determined by show staff or judges, or exhibiting a horse that is exhausted, injured, or lame.
7. Any disputes or problems during the show should be brought to the attention of the show manager at the show office.
8. Horses should not be tied to any arena fence, stall, or any place that would constitute a hazard. Horses may not be tied to trailers.
9. Park horse trailers in designated trailer parking area only.
10. Spectator parking in designated area only.
11. Keep fire lanes open at all times.
12. No horses allowed onto facility without being stalled and release signed.
13. No dogs allowed on the show grounds
14. Please lunge in designated areas only.
15. Use manure wagons to dispose of stall manure only.
16. A-barn wash-racks for boarder residents only. Public rack outside “C” barn, “D” barn, and “E” barn
17. Pick up garbage and place in or next to dumpster or cans.
18. No stall construction changes allowed. Any damage to stalls will incur a fee.
19. No nails in stall. Tack stalls will be charged $20.00 for nails.
20. No riding on racetrack
21. Donida Farm boarders have the right to use the warm-up areas.

NOTE: Classes may be combined, divided or cancelled upon manager’s decision.