JUNE 5 – 6, 2021

Arabian Sport Horse Celebration
AHA Region 5/USDF/USEF Local Competition


This competition is open only to registered Arabian, Half-Arabian and Anglo-Arabian horses

Invited to Officiate:
Debbie Spence (R); Nancy Benton (S), Clint Sawyer

Entries open May 1st, 2021 / Early Entries close May 15, 2021
Click Here to Print the Prize List: 2021 Arabian Celebration FINAL Rev 5.1.21

We prefer ON-LINE Entries:
This is NOT EqEntries. There is NO FEE. It is just an easier way to play!
For questions, call Lisa 360.687.2256
ENTRY FORMS: Every person who signs as owners, trainers and riders must sign the 1.Donida Arabian On-line Entry Show Agreement. If you choose not to enter on-line, you may fill out the attached 2.Donida Arabian Show Entry and Agreement, scan to PDF and e-mail to . Entries are processed in the order received.

EXHIBITOR ACCESS: This year public, spectators, and non-essential personnel such as guests will not
be allowed on the competition grounds. Access will only be granted to participants which is defined by
USEF as owners, lessees, riders, athletes, parents, vaulters, drivers, trainers, coaches, longeurs,
navigators, personal care assistants (PCAs), and any other required support personnel/staff that are
essential for providing care to the horses and/or the athletes. Access to the grounds will be allowed via
wristband only. Wristbands will only be released to those who provide a signed 3.Donida Farm Covid Agreement, listing all those attending with his/her barn. If you have several horses, this list should
be sent and include all those in your group, including grooms and stall cleaners. And every person
attending the show must sign the 4.USEF Waiver of Liability. Bring these to the office
when you check in. Numbers will not be released until the paperwork is done! To expedite check in, you
may scan all required documents and email to

MEMBERSHIPS: Adult exhibitors competing in an amateur class will be required to show proof of
amateur status issued by USEF. AHA COMPETITION Membership is a requirement or pay a Single Event
Membership of $35. Walk/Trot 10 & Under entries are exempt.

USEF SAFE SPORT: If you currently have an active USEF Competing Membership, and are 18 years of
age or older, then you must ensure that your Safe Sport Training is current. Note that this applies to
Juniors who have celebrated their 18th birthday.

PAYMENT: All payments must be received by May 20th or will be considered a late entry. Donida Farm
does not accept Venmo or Credit Cards. Checks are preferred. Make checks payable to: Donida
Farm. In notes: use owner last name/horse name. Mail to:
Yes, you may mail your Agreements with your check