Save the date:
May 12, 13, 2018. We welcome you all to the Donida Farm Dressage Spring Fling 1 and 2. Our rated “S” judges Sue Curry and Barbara Ebnar are both judges who have such a great reputation for giving that positive feedback. Our Secretary Mary Neal is a great friendly lady to assist you with any requests. Regine Brockway is well know for her generous vendor coordinating agendas. And any stable request? Well that’s our kind Denise.
Donida’s competitions are USEF qualifiers.

Our summer Donida Farm Festival is July 27,28,29. 2018. At the Festival of Entertainment this year will be continuing our Complementarity Potato Bar and, beverage. The presentation of Donida Farm perpetual awards along with the silent auction will all take place at the competitors corral. Anyone wishing to donate to the auction may contact Kathleen Smith at:

The Event will be located in the area on Saturday evening. Please contact Denise Murray 253-223-2659, or Gwen 360-507-9306 at go410s@aol, for further questions.

Without your contributions these shows would not be possible. We look forward to seeing each and every one of you!