Demo Rider Information and Application

March 16-17, 2019
Donida Farm Equestrian Center
16600 SE 376 St, Auburn, WA 98092

Demo riders
Riders should be comfortable being instructed in front of a large audience, as there may be 200 or more auditors in attendance. Horse owners, one groom is exempt from auditing fees. If not selected to ride, applicants are strongly encouraged to audit, but please do not send in auditor registrations until you have been informed that you have not been selected to ride (early bird price will be in effect for you) . Auditor registration forms are available at or by contacting Gwen Blake at 360-507-9306.

Complete applications and videos must be received by Gwen Blake on or before the dates shown below in order to be considered. We are not responsible for late or misdirected mail, or e-mail. Applications and videos are not reviewed until after the deadline submission, so there is no advantage for early applicants. We will notify all applicants as soon as the selection process is completed, no later than four weeks prior to the clinic. For fastest notification, please provide a current e-mail address on your application. We will not publish or release the names of applicants not selected, nor will we inform third parties (such as horse owners) as to the status of an application, without the written consent of the applicant. Videos can be in the form of You-tube or online. The final deadline for video submission is February 20th, 2019. Applicants will be notified of selection by Feb 28, 2019.

The clinic fee is $150, which includes one clinic ride per day, Priority is given to riders wanting two days. Also includes lunch for each day. The clinic fee does not include stabling, hotel, transportation. Payment will be received within 3 days of being selected. Should a rider the first alternate able to fill that spot will be selected to take their place. Payment MUST be made online and noted for Demo ride at the time of acceptance notification Riders who need to cancel after confirming their participation should notify Gwen as soon as possible. Riders canceling will receive a refund, minus a $25.00 processing fee, in the event a replacement rider can be found. If no replacement is available, the rider will not receive a refund unless canceling due to verifiable medical or veterinary reasons.

These clinics are open to all riders. The format will consist of approximately two horses presented at most levels in 45 – 60 minute blocks each day. Clinic hours are generally 8:30 am – 5:00 pm, with a break for lunch and usually two short breaks. The clinicians will field questions between rides. Riders are encouraged to participate in the entire clinic; it MAY be possible to apply to ride for one session only.

Riders must ride the horse listed on their application, or if substitution is needed, must receive permission from Gwen Blake to ride a horse that is capable of the equivalent level or skill, and with whom they have a history of instruction. Riders may apply with more than one horse. We will be choosing a variety of types of horses. So please don’t feel that you are not qualified.