Donida Event Derby 3-in-1

Donida Farm Schooling Shows provide the opportunity to ride a dressage test or jump a round of fences in a recognized show setting but with the relaxed and friendly atmosphere of a schooling show. Perfect for riders new to competition or young horses starting their show careers. Classes offered range from Intro Level all the way to Grand Prix, as well as USEA Eventing dressage tests and USEF Western dressage tests. You can also compete in Musical Freestyle in front of a judge or ride a practice freestyle test. This show also includes Combined Tests (jumping + dressage) as well as Jumping Only Rounds.

Saturday, May 6, 2017

Ride Times: mayschoolingshow05042017


Dressage Tests ($25 per ride)

1. Intro Level A (short court)
2. Intro Level B (short court)
3. Intro Level C (short court)
4. USEA Eventing Dressage Test of Choice (Indicate choice)
5. USEF Western Dressage Test of Choice (indicate test)
6. Training Level Test 1
7. Training Level Test of Choice (indicate test)
8. Training Level Test 3
9. First Level Test 1
10. First Level Test of Choice (indicate test)
11. First Level Test 3
12. Second Level Test of Choice (indicate test)
13. Third Level Test of Choice (indicate test)
14. Fourth Level Test of Choice (indicate test)
15.FEI Test of Choice (indicate test)
16. Musical Freestyle-CD Only
17. Freestyle Practice Sessions-Held at end of day
18. Dressage Equitation — Rail Class

Combined Tests ($65 per entry)

19.Inchworm (12” and USDF Intro Test A)
20. Grasshopper (18-24″ and USDF Intro Test A)
21. Hopeful  (Up to 2’3” and USEA 2014 Beg Novice Test A)
22. Beginning Novice (Up to 2’7” and USEA 2014 Beg Novice Test A)
23. Novice (Up to 2’11” and USEA 2014 Novice Test A)
24. Training (Up to 3’3″ and USEA 2014 Training Test A)

Extra Jumping Rounds ($25 per entry)

19b. Extra Inchworm jump round: 12”
20b. Extra Grasshopper jump round: 18-24″
21b. Extra Hopeful jump round: Up to 2’3
22b. Extra Beginning Novice jump round: Up to 2’7
23b. Extra Novice jump round: Up to 2’11
24b. Extra Training jump round: Up to 3’3


Show manager: Gwen Blake 360-507-9306 (phone or text)