Andreas Hausberger Clinic


Andreas Hausberger, Chief Rider from the Spanish Riding School in Vienna, is returning to the Northwest for a 5 day Riding Clinic and Auditing session hosted at Donida Farm, Auburn WA on July 3-7, 2013.

Andreas Hausberger, the Senior Rider at the Spanish Riding School, returns to the Northwest at Donida Farm, Auburn, WA for a 5-day clinic. Mr. Hausberger only makes a few appearances per year in the United States. He works with riders and horses of all levels, including many returning participants.  His classical dressage training style emphasizes correct rider position and muscle tone, impulsion, and working horses ‘over the back’.  Upper level work only occurs when the horse has a proper foundation to build upon.  Clear improvements in the movement of the horse and the correctness of the rider’s aids can be seen by the end of each lesson.  Some very dramatic changes can be made by the end of the week. Riders are very positive about their lessons and are grateful for his expertise, patience, clear explanations and careful corrections.

There is a great deal of variety during the course of the clinics. Andreas works with several horses in-hand on half-steps, piaffe and passage. Trainers who attend also learn how to improve their work in hand training horses in piaffe and passage. In addition, Mr. Hausberger may ride several horses at their owners’ request. Mr. Hausberger has a natural gift for teaching, and easily switches between instructing First Level and FEI Level riders, clearly enjoying his work, and has a knack for delivering constructive criticism and he gives praise to both horse and rider as it is earned. Auditors will have the chance to ask questions informally during the breaks and benefit from his many years of experience.

Auditors at $40/day are welcome. Clinic hours are from 7:00am to 12:30pm.  Light refreshments will be available.  An Auditor/Rider lunch & discussion forum will be available on Sat.  July  6th with lunch provided.  The Luncheon is $20 per person (free for Auditors). Please pre-register for the Luncheon. For more information contact Gwen Blake at 360-507-9306 or by email at  

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