Clinics at Donida

Clinics and educational opportunities presented by Donida Farm:

Eventers Derby fundraiser clinics: Donida Farms Fall Oct 15 event clinic, following the Donida Farm Event Derby. (
Clinicians feature Gwen and Rebecca Blake of Donida Farm and Sarah Matuszewski with Karen O’Neal of Freedom Run.
Clinic includes One dressage lesson and One Cross Country lesson. $175 . Come join in for fun and learning.  Cross countryhas Banks, Ditches and Water!Clinic Interest please Contact: Sarah Matuszewski (206) 718-3798

Christophe Theallet-non refundable

June 2017 dates pending

Andreas Hausberger-

pending 2018 dates.
Contact Gwen Blake 507-9306

Example:   Stretchy 1-2-3 Workshop – non refundable

fall 2017 or spring  dates pending
Contact Denise Murray 223-2659

 example:   Pirouette Disaster Relief Workshop- non refundable

Fall 2017 or spring 2018, dates pending
Contact Denise Murray 223-2659