An Amazing Day at the Fall-3-in-1 Schooling Show!

What an amazing day today at the Fall-3-in-1 schooling show!

We had about 120 entered in this show. A lot of people and horses to manage. I saw dressage riders starting out green and ending up showing such improvement through their runs. We had some fabulous judges that were very giving with their time and very kind in aiding riders through the process. Thank you Kellie Larsen and Carrie Gregory for putting in that long ten hour day! And of course your scribes who we couldn’t do without. Great dressage stewards Ashley Combs and Judith Kriess that assisted riders in the correct direction.

And then there were the jumpers. Over 70 of them!! Pam Waterson did such a fantastic job at the back gate keeping them all organized coming and going. Pams course ran smoothly with beautiful turns in each direction. The course led most riders to jump up over the bank and into another arena with great natural obstacles. A big thanks to Karen Green of Brass Ring farm for spending her day in the judges box. Our young runner and jump crew Finn Kriess adapted his new multi skill ability with ease! Kailey Jones ran the timer and assisted the judge with great appreciation. Katie also did a fabulous job as ring crew keeping the course prepped for each rider and properly measured for every course change.

Barista Rebecca Blake got us all up to speed operating the Stirrup-a-Cup espresso stand. Karla McCowin did a super job with show office assistant and award decor in the show office.

A huge thanks to Jeannette Parrett for all her effort above and beyond a normal secretary’s duties.
My assistant show/stall manager Denise Murray for alway being there to put those fires out and for being my right hand woman! And of course her hardest job….. keeping me sitting still atop that burm with the announcing. My husband Dave for ring prepping during the dark, early, chilly morning.

We appreciate all our competitors and want to thank you all for supporting our shows. We couldn’t do it without you all.

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