Instructors and Trainers at Donida Farm


Additional Services

Cross Country Schooling or Use of Racetrack

The cross country course is usually open by June 1st and remains open until the rains come in the fall.

A variety of jumps are available for all levels. Flat terrain as well as hills. Multiple water complexes. Drops, logs etc.
To use the Donida Farm cross country course or racetrack, you must

  1. Call for an appointment: 253-833-4870
  2. Upon arrival at Donida Farm, BEFORE unloading your horse(s):
    1. Sign release at barn office.
    2. Pay schooling fee of $30.00 per horse per day
    3. Obtain vehicle dashboard Parking Pass


Facility Rentals

Please contact Gwen Blake at 253-833-4870 for info/prices and availability.